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Let the Games Begin!

At BLAZE LACROSSE, we pride ourselves in providing experienced and player-driven coaching programs for boys in Rhode Island—from developing their passion and skills as players to encouraging discipline within them as individuals.

Beyond practicing and playing, BLAZE LACROSSE is designed for families and players to have a remarkable experience over the course of their training. 

Our Mission

Getting your child outside and off the couch shouldn't be a struggle. We don't ever want lacrosse to be another thing that they "have to" do, like finishing homework or eating vegetables. Our philosophy is that the game needs to remain fun for players of all ages and levels - and rewarding both on and off the field.

Our coaching focuses on the development of lacrosse IQ and understanding of how the pieces of the game fit together, beyond just working on individual skill.

We support all players as they develop their love of the game and as they celebrate both their individual and team successes. We grow athletes and leaders and good young men.

Meet the Program Director, Pete Kelleher

Pete has been coaching youth sports for over 30 years, starting at age 16. He's watched athletics change from seasonal activities to a year round, highly competitive business model, putting youth athletes in a position to compete for "elite" status. Pete believes young athletes should be experiencing a variety of sports, activities, and extracurriculars to develop well rounded, physically healthy young men.

Pete has also seen the growing push for the individual ahead of the team, even in team sports - and this is something he is committed to change. Lacrosse is a team sport, and every player on the field has their job to do and brings a value to the game.  Involved in lacrosse in Cranston for the last thirteen years, Pete is a founding member and President of the Cranston Lacrosse Club and a two time youth state champion coach. He has served on the Rhode Island Youth Lacrosse League Board for the last ten years, spending nine on the executive board and one term as President.

He spent six seasons as the Men's Varsity Head Coach at Providence Country Day School, winning a 2018 division title with an undefeated record and twice being named RIIL Division Coach of the Year.  His commitment to youth lacrosse in the state of RI is unparalleled. 

 He is a certified US Lacrosse Coach and is an Accredited Interscholastic Coach with the National Federation of High Schools. He holds the following NFHS Certifications:

   *Fundamentals of Coaching

   *RI State Coaching Component

   *NCAA Eligibility

   *Coaching Boy's Lacrosse

   *First Aid

   *Concussions in Sports

   *Sudden Cardiac Arrest

   *Sports Nutrition

   *Heat Illness Prevention

   *Strength and Conditioning

   *Engaging Effectively With Parents

   *Teaching and Modeling Behavior


   *Social Media


   *Hazing and Inappropriate Behaviors

   *Hazing Prevention for Students

   *Protecting Students From Abuse

   *Understanding Vaping and E-Cigarettes

   *Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs

   *After School Security

Service Areas

Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts

Contact Information


[email protected]